A term invented & coined by ABH2 (Aw/Sw) Jaiyel Hammond and ABH2 (Aw/Sw/Idw) Herchiel Jones
Definition: To make one’s dominant and or GOAT LIKE performance known amongst others who are believed to be stellar! (Works in many scenarios)
1: Shawty stop talking to me like I’m one of these lame niggas you been fuQ’N… ILL REALLY DO DAT TO YOU!

2: You don’t want to play me in SPADES for money. They didn’t tell you? WE’LL REALLY DO DAT TO YOU!

3: I don’t want to race you with your little motorcycle. You see what I’m riding… ILL REALLY DO DAT TOO YOU!

4: Yo stay out of Oakcliff Texas if you ain’t from there! You may have got hustled in St. Louis but in Oakcliff Texas… THEY’LL REALLY DO DAT TO YOU!

(See: Take you up through there)
(See: Oakcliff )
(See: Shawty)
(See: Lame ass niggas)
by Galehart Popwell March 24, 2023
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A borzoi dog with a long mouth. He always do it for you.
Kanye: This is it
Borzoi: Let me do it for you!
Kanye: No, not this time!
*Borzois jumps down*
by watdadogdoin? January 21, 2023
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Didn't I do it for you? Didn't I do it for U? everything I do is for U, Kermie.
by NotGivingUMyInfoLol January 20, 2023
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term used by bulby from queen of the stone age. Twist on commonly used "glad to do business with you." Switching "with" to "on" implies different meaning that may be mildly amusing to teenagers.
When used in a simple transaction:

Dealer: Here is your meth.

Customer: Okay, glad to do business on you.
by zippojoker August 26, 2009
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A meme involving the long nosed 'Borzoi' dog.
Eminem: yo kanye where is my jewish friend
Kanye (made graduation): im not sure! lets find him
Borzoi: let me do it for you! kermeeet.
Kanye & Eminem: Awesome Sauce!
by better qwintuples January 28, 2023
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Because u are amazing u are the one thing that people are still alive today for u r the reason i am who i am today
Why do i need you? because u r everything and everything will change when ur gone
by live as long as u can June 20, 2019
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A phrase used to accuse someone of staring at you, often used by Drill Instructors at Marine boot-camp. The point being that if someone does't have a valid reason to stare at you (like you owing them money) then they should stop doing it.
DI: (notices recruit looking at him) Hey recruit, do I owe you money?

Recruit: ... what? Sir, no sir!

DI: They stop frickin' eyeballing me then.
by Gyreneisms November 20, 2011
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