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Ride or Die was originally a biker term meaning if you couldn't ride you'd rather die. It has now changed to mean anyone (wife, boyfriend, best friend), that you will "ride" ANY problems out with them or "die" trying. The "ride" doesn't always have to be a negative either. Obviously if you're this close to someone you want them to enjoy the "ride" (life and all it has to offer with them as well.
Me and my girl have had some stuff thrown our way, but we're stronger than ever. She's my Ride or Die.

Keith and I went skydiving this afternoon! Ride or Die Baby!! (This usage infers the other is your ROD because you two are sharing the excitement of the ride!
by JBBro2133 August 30, 2015
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when you are willing to do anything for someone you love or someone you really appreciate in your life. the person who you stand by in any problem and vice versa.
the term "ride till the end or die trying"
We are BFFS who will ride or die.
by siennariver January 09, 2016
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Someone who is always by your side and will never leave. They have your back no matter what. They would do anything for you and will fight for you. They go through hell and back together.
My best friend is my ride or die girl.
My man is my ride or die.
by Ride Or Die Baby July 23, 2013
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To stand by your partner no matter what, through the good and the bad, always taking their side even when you believe they are wrong, sticking up for them even over the most minute put-down someone flings their way, being completely protective of them physically, emotionally and spiritually, and sharing everything together as best friends with full trust and loyalty, to the death.
He's my ride-or-die; he has my back and I have his -- 1000% -- and we trust each other implicitly. Ain't nobody gonna be able to come btwn us.
by Rae777Tanana July 13, 2016
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Conjunction of the phrases "ride it out" and "die trying". In other words you're down for whatever, even if it kills you.
That is my girl and I'll ride or die with her.
by YourDream May 27, 2005
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the people in your life who are there through thick in thin. they'll do what it do to make it through with you. the ones that'll stick it through till the end
we've been through a lot. she's truly my ride or die
by JFizzzle February 25, 2009
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A once-badass declaration of one's dedication to the art, science, and lifestyle of motorcycling, which has sadly been usurped by fucking idiots who also say 'bae', 'fleek', and 'squad goals' but can't tell the difference between 'they're', 'their', and 'there'.
Me, who rides, speaking to my buddies: "Ride or die, bro!" *does a vroom*
Makeup tutorial moron, who doesn't ride, speaking to the Interwebs: "OMG SO LIEK MY RIDE OR DIE MASCARA IS-" at which point I stab my eardrums with a K-bar.
by Scarybaldguy December 16, 2016
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