hittin up a girl well below your age bracket
No one would go out with him so he had to R Kelly it.
by T-T June 8, 2006
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1. A amazingly good R&B singer with amazing vocals, but VERY perverted lyrics.

2. One who bumps and grinds into 14-17 year olds faces (18 years not as fun WITH consent )

3. One who is trapped in the closet (with teens under 18)

4. One who believes they can fly (Like in the song)

5. The new michael jordan CRYING MEME is R kelly

6. Bill Cosby's newest cellmate

7. A pirate and a pedophile = ARRRRRRRR KELLY

8. Despite all this he STILL is a good singer who helped develop the 1990's LOVE MAKING (OR if UNlucky baby making) music

9. Keith Sweats rival

10. AN amazing singer who was a big help in making the 1990's the golden age of R&B, but is now being hated on cause his history with accusations of sex with girls under 18.

NOTE: This written by 15 year old so sorry for unprofessionalism (But afterall this is URBAN dictionary man so what u expect) Thanks fo reading
R Kelly has the vocals of an angel and KEITH SWEAT, the pervertedness of BILL COSBY and JARED from subway.
by IDKBARNEYLOVESU986 September 8, 2019
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The process of pissing all over a girls face who is 14 years of age or younger for sexual arrousal and total domination... Similiar to a golden shower but with girls 14 years or younger.
The old man pulled an R Kelly on the 14 year olf girl.
by calven March 19, 2003
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Where's your restroom? I really need to take an R. Kelly.
by DJ Kanye Pepper November 9, 2012
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A former 90's and early 2000's r&b singer. More famous for videos surfacing of him urinating on women during sex.

Essentially anything involving your feces and/or urine on another person could be called the R Kelly.
I felt like R Kelly after giving that skank a golden shower.
by M_Dubz152 July 1, 2023
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When a male stands up and urinates on his underage partner after a sexual encounter.
When I was done with dat biotch I gave her an R. Kelly special and made her clean it up too.
I want to piss on you. Yes, I do.
by 50 cent crack dealer July 29, 2003
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