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One of the most messed up characters in Drawn Together, Captain Hero is a parody on Superman. He is also a necrophiliac, enjoys S&M, is a bisexual, has a childish personality and possibly a mental disorder, is at times a cross-dresser, practices bestiality, had a romance with Xandir, Foxxy, Bleh, and Unusually-Flexible-Girl.
"By the time I get there, the girl is either already safe, or dead. Either way, there's going to be some serious fondling."

~Captain Hero.
by Alexxx April 16, 2006

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the act of inserting two fingers one inch into the vagina and stroking the anterior (frontal) wall gently, resulting in sexual stimulation.
Mary woke up the nieghbors when she screamed in ecstasy as her boyfriend hoined her.
by Alexxx August 24, 2003

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verb: the act of using one's toes to pinch people; one can be a monkey toe bullshitter, but is not common to say.
"goddamnit aaron, i will cut off your feet if you don't quit with that monkey toe bullshit"
by alexxx April 04, 2006

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The definition of gouda. Chalupa, skrillah, skraps, paper, yayper. Gouda means cheese and cheese means yayper you square ass square butts. - E-40
got 10 racks in a rubberband got 3 or 4 more in my other hand it sound like "5,10,15 GOUDA 25,35,45 CHALUPA"

basically its MONEY
by Alexxx April 11, 2006

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A guy from Canada, is incredibly sarcastic and mean towards his so called finacee Alex ;) He also beats up his sister and secretly loves navymeat.com

Also known as Cody, Coby, Cobrie, NE0 and Daydream
OMG look at that guy he's such a Kaneanite
by AleXXX July 03, 2003

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a person who lacks sexual interest or humor; opposite of pervert
Don't be such a qwert, just look at this Playboy!
by Alexxx August 24, 2003

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