pussy quiver, as in that physical reaction you get when you see Ryan Reynolds in a wet t-shirt.
Got some major pq's when Michael B Jordan walked across my screen.
by pqmaster May 14, 2021
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PQ is the acronym for Private Question. Usually used when the matter at hand cannot be talked about in front of the general audience such as a sexually suggested topic. Also, it can be used as the heading of a message to alert the receiving person that it is not a message read when other's are around.

Commonly used when talking on facebook messages.
Yo mike what happened with you and your girl?
by Mike Velqua January 13, 2012
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Damn that girl is so beautiful I’m getting PQ’s just thinking about her
by lilreddawg July 9, 2021
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short for "potential-queer". someone who isn't gay but often acts as if he could be gay. the potential to be a queer. generally referred to guys.
He's as straight as can be, but he acts like a PQ.

Seems to be acting quite like a PQ today, with the way he's dressed.
by vidfreak May 22, 2009
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Short for Persona Q, a game for the Nintendo 3DS
Have you played PQ on your 3DS?
by Juan Titicaca May 16, 2022
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Means "Party Quest" used in MapleStory (a online game)
Joining to PQ, Who needs a PQ?.
by DFTDER January 21, 2008
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