Short for fixed price quotation.
A (usually written and time limited) fixed price offer to supply goods and/or services. In response to a consumer request.

Jane was instructed to get three quotations for the drainage project before appointing a contractor to the job.
by Master Electrician January 11, 2007
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To vocally quote a term using an inflection in your voice.
Dude: You ever quotate anything?
Chick: Of course, that's when you tell someone you're quoting something by changing your voice, right?
Dude: Yes!
by MakeUpWordsForFun April 11, 2010
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Editing or building upon an existing quote
"The consequence of life is death, and so any life created cannot be sustained. In other words all living things die." is a re-quotation of "The consequence of life is death." Jake Lawton
by Stephen November 6, 2004
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when you put quotes around a certain word or phrase to imply something without saying it directly.

In the mafia for example they would say something like,

"The dishes are done and the kids are in bed" to imply to a hierarchy or an associate in a public place that the order was successfully carried out, such as the transporting of drugs, blowing something up or murdering someone.

Or: I'll bring the party "supplies" by your house around 10. (supplies being alcohol w/o being directly stated)
john: Why did you put quotes around supplies when you were talking about the party tonight?

jack: i was implying something else so others wouldn't know what i was really referring to. it's called the quotation mark effect.
by KR567456735 August 22, 2010
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Using the universal "heavy metal" hand gesture (fist with index and pinky fingers extended) and combining it with the quotation marks hand gesture to achieve Rock Quotation Marks. Normally used ironically/sarcastically.
Man, those Veronicas are *rockin'*.

*Rock quotation marks.
by Melissa and Jess July 5, 2007
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of, resembling, or expressed as a quote: a fragment of a human expression that is being referred to by somebody else. Most often a quotation is taken from literature, but also sentences from a speech, scenes from a movie, elements of a painting, etc. may be quoted.


a three-line poem in any language, with five syllables in the first and last lines and seven syllables in the second, usually with an emphasis on the season or a naturalistic theme.

Quotational Haiku: a quote in a haiku form.
"Quotational Haiku," by Pseudonym The Wild

take care to get what,
you like or you will be forced,
to like what you get.
by February 6, 2013
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