All that is left when there are no answers
These are some examples of questions:

What did I do wrong?

What didn’t I do right?

How can you not trust me?

How can you not love me when my love for you is everything?

How can you let it fade away?

I’m up your bum, cant you feel it?

Why do you let yourself be held back?

Why didn’t you leave Tracey in Victoria; she is a Bogan & a crack ho ?

How can you forget feelings?

How can you say I read too much into things and still accuse me twice of 'psychic harassment'?

Why do you lie to me?

Why do you feel the need to lie to me?

How can you make a decision not to love someone?

How can you stand being so fucking hot?

How do you expect me to be hard when I cant tell you I love you while Im making love with you; i dont get to hold you afterwards and you're not even going to like me the next week?

How could I ever love again?

How could I do that to myself or to anyone else again?

Why would I tell you I’m in love with you if I didn’t mean it?

Why don’t you understand that falling in love with someone when you are not looking for it and you already think you are in love makes it even more real?

Why does your pussy fit my face so well? (well it does, I’m just saying)

Why do you always lie?

Why aren’t you here with me right now?

Thursday 28/08/2008
by Luke Warm December 10, 2008
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That's all I'm ever left with..

Because what I feel.. and read..
Is nothing like what I see.

I felt alone in there tonight. Like I was the only one who didn't know what was going on.

You could clarify so easily, you've known my true feelings this entire time.

I just ache in the darkness.

Odd moments where I feel some clarity and my heart coming back to life..
They never last.

I don't get it.

Give me something.. something only I'd know.

You know.. I love you..
You say you want to hear me say it..

So let me.
Do you ever feel like all you have is questions?

When really.. you only need the answer to one
by 4_u August 7, 2023
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I'd been reading things through the week and had more questions and now I've got sidetracked and they're gone 🧐

Coincidences again though.. 3 things in your posts from the last week that all link me back to her in the same way..

Though I did forget to mention the 2nd to last moment we had.. I don't know how.. it was the most intense eye contact I've ever had in my life..

I don't even remember how it happened we were only feet from each other both leaning on the bar.. I looked up.. she was already looking at me.. into me.. with such a deep.. moody expression.. her eyes on fire..

We don't seem able to hold eye contact often.. probably a good thing cos honestly, I just want to pick her up and leave everytime.

That might have only been maybe 4 or 5 seconds.. the urge to just kiss her took over everything it was all I could think

Also, I missed your wisdom this week. Need a contingency plan for future UD failure I genuinely might have gone crazy if this had stopped for good!
All my questions disappear when I think of those moments.. I've spent all night long thinking about her again

Waking dreams that I long for.. it makes me ache so bad..
But also, awakens something deep inside me, something only she can access.. I'm dying to set it free
by 4_u September 9, 2023
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an interrogative statement used to test knowledge
man 1: can i ask you a question?
man 2: yes what is it?
man 1:its an interrogative statement used to test knowledge but thats not important right now.
by Mikey-B December 11, 2006
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to be unsure of or re-examining one's previously assumed sexual orientaion or gender identity.
dana started questioning her sexual attraction to men after she'd met and happily dated catherine.
by dagger_grrl March 16, 2004
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Only question I have left …

Others now feel irrelevant …

Time the stealer

Of energies …

So the journey account, convos in bed .. has always made me wonder, do you write account after account while in bed with hubby?

Complicit .. that’s covered on another account …

Think I know the answer …

Maybe just needed to put this out here …
Question s ..

Never to be answered ..
by LetsTalkAboutX March 24, 2023
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Delilah: I have a question.
Jonathan: To solve your problem, I may need to come up with an answer.
by Meytal Mantzur November 23, 2011
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