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Quarteira - Greatest City of the Algarve. In fact aclaimed as the best Town in all of Portugal. Pronounced: A W S O M E in english.
Sunny white sandy Beaches filled with easy Bitches ensure a permenant hard-on and eventual satisfaction.
An immense and deeply inbeded Web of Drug barons, drug lords and drug users insures the cities vast supplies of weed, E, C, all the way fro A to High!
As for gastronomy you have Fish so fuckin fresh, if you like your Monk fish, Soulfish, red snapper and shrimp on the tasty side o life you can t help but pay it a visit.
Finally there's the people of quarteira. They have nothing to do with the rest of lamme ass portugal or even Europe, there more like a mix of American Stake, with Chicken Curry in a Pot of Misu Soup with a Side of Awsomesauce.

Adjectives best suited for Quarteira's Awsomeness:
Hey World Imma let you finish and all o that but Quarteira is one of the Best cities of all times.

People who ve been to Quarteira:
Everyone except you probably.
Tracy: I went to a town called quarteira in portugal it was the shit.
Megan: Never heard of it.
Lil Wayne: WHAT?!
Tracy: Best place ever right dog?
Lil Wayne: it's ...OKAY!
Tracy: WHAT?!

Chris: DUUUUDE I went to the most raddest Place ever!
Josh: No way?!
Chris: Yes Way. They had weed, bitches, nigthclubs, sund, beaches. They even Like Mudkips. They know all our meems! And they even Know the Game there!!!
Josh: You mean the singer?
Chris: No...
Josh: I hate you.
by Jude Ass April 08, 2011
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