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when you're hittin it from the rear and pull out and spit on her back, then tell her your done....when she turns around pop a fat one in her eye.
i was in a sticky situation, so i decided it would fit my gameplan best to go with a quarterback sneak. catch the defense of guard.
by mondingo November 13, 2005
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To have sex with your chick then walk away about 2 minutes in. Three hours later tackle her to the ground and carry on with the sexy times.
Mary: Where did you get them bruises from Sandra?
Sandra: Shaun gave me the quarter back sneak last night,
the little bastard.
Mary: The fucker! Adam did that the other day to me, got me whilst I was ironing and burnt me ricker on the iron!
by sean voyle October 16, 2007
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when you're tossing a girls salad and in a sudden movement jump up and put it in her ass
i was hooking up with this girl and she called for the quarterback sneak
by jason evans August 20, 2003
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When your doing a chick from behind and you stick your thumb up her brown-eye, then unexpectedly spin her around and wipe the crap under each of her eyes to make her look like a quarterback; hence a quarterback sneak.
Dude, I met this chick named Stacy at the club last night. I totally brought her back to my place and gave her a quarterback sneak. Then I threw her cloths out in the middle of the street so she would run out with crap on her face.
by Squatting Dog March 17, 2008
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Sexual position in which a male hides a dildo in the covers approximately the same size as his penis. After foreplay and some missionary sex, the male convinces his female partner to indulge in doggy style sex. At the speed of light, he quickly pulls his dick out of her pussy and replaces it with the dildo. Without her knowing, he surprises his partner with a full contact anal thrust.
"She didn't know what was cumming until I used the quarterback sneak on her ass."
by Justice Served August 21, 2008
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