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When a girl over plucks her eyebrows and leaves a large gap in between them.
Congratulations, you now look like a Quantos
by mecor56 April 14, 2009
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She is that rare, super hott, model type that prefers dating nerds.

She has an intelligent humor about her, and gives her shirt off her back to anyone in need.

Naturally sexy, she is eye catching and gets turned on when someone speaks "genius".
" Talk dirty to her", speak Genius and Quanto will do it all.

Quanto was so nice, I spilled beer on my shirt and she said "here have mine", and she took it right off. Shes Hott and Nice,wow where did she come from?

Dude! Did you see who was with John?

Yeah, that's his girl Quanto.

WTF? How did he get her?
She only dates nerds. Dude, looks like your stuck with the ugly chics.
by theycallmeFal December 14, 2010
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The word used by the ancient tribe Wannalickapussy or "Quanto Warriors" which was given to the winner of the best bomb ass pussy in all the land.
Sacagewea has such a nice Quanto, i poked myself in the eye!
by Jesse R. and Ben May 27, 2004
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