A male bitch who often endulges in sexual fantasies with other men. Often talks shit about ex-girlfriends just to be a dick.
Did you hear what that scopa said? What a dick.
by **Scandalous** February 23, 2004
A word originated by the Ghanaian hiplife act, Patapaa Amisty. It is literally meaning and gibberish. It has also gone viral on twitter and are mostly posted with a picture just to express opinion or experience.
Scopa tu mana? Had a nice experience with an ex..
by Knox03 July 21, 2019
A tiny man that lives in a volcano that is sometimes accompanied by a squirrel that is tripping on cocaine
A: Dude did you just see that Scopas walk out of that volcano?

B: Yeah there's a bunch of Scopi in this area
by Myleftshoelovesyou April 2, 2018