French word for a platform in a station or a quay. It's not a slang word.
il faut attendre que le train soit arrêté pour descendre sur le quai. (you must wait till the train stops to get off on the platform)
by truefrenchgirl June 18, 2005
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It can mean almost anything. Insert it into your everyday speech whenever it feels right.
"That was very quai of you."
"That's quaied up."
by Vincenzo January 25, 2004
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“Hey I’m going on a date tonight”

“Always remember to stay quay
by Quayfulbunny February 19, 2022
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London slang for far away:
Quay is a shortened version of 'Quite away away"
by DickensyGood April 27, 2009
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°A girl

°love food
°love singing

°hate smiling

°hurt inside
The name Quay is for girls and boys or nicknames or a normal name
by Ckripin bkaby August 26, 2017
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The name of an awesome ass, dope ass mother fucka, who gets all the bitches and all the hoes; and he gives all the fame, all the time. #true #fuckthesehoes #thesehoesaintloyal
Person #1: Hey, who is that guy over there?

Person #2: That's Quay. He gets all the bitches; and he gives all the fame, all the time. I wish I was Quay.
by md2az May 12, 2014
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n.// The act of one or multiple men (or tranny if ya wanna technical) ejaculating on a single female.
Guy 1- Yo you bag yesterday?

Guy 2- Yeah son, I quayed all over he face.

Guy 3- Damn nigga you do that shit?

Syn// Bukkake
by Obama Putin March 18, 2014
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