“Hey I’m going on a date tonight”

“Always remember to stay quay
by Quayfulbunny February 19, 2022
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London slang for far away:
Quay is a shortened version of 'Quite away away"
by DickensyGood April 27, 2009
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Shortening of the word "Quality"

British in origin.

Meaning cool, good, awesome etc.
"These dauphinoise potatoes are pretty fucking Quay!"

Person one: "The bongs ready"
Person two's responce: "Quay!"
by IroningMan August 30, 2010
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The contraction of the words "queer" and "gay"
by Josef March 3, 2005
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I was gonna get a ball for the party, but there was more heads then expected so I got a quay.
by DankSmoke408 January 31, 2017
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Quay is a shortened version of a longer name. This person is short , very beautful on the inside and out. Very lovable ! Attracts many gays but isnt at all gay. Get to know this person before its too late.
Omg , Quay is so funny and lovable . I Wish she was mine.

I wish i would have knew her before she were famous.
by Beautifulnames October 6, 2013
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When a shranpel is shoved deep inside your asshole. Is normally completed before suicide.
Kid 1: Hey did you see that Sam kid's mutilated carcass.
Kid 2: Yeah I think he Quayed himself.
by John Weinershnitzel August 17, 2010
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