The main ball used to play both Quidditch and Muggle Quidditch. It is used to score goals in one of the opponents three hoops. Passed around by the called the chasers.
"Clara raises the quaffle, she shots, she scores!"
by Blehooha Fluffpants August 28, 2011
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When two or more people are in a quarrel but it is not a serious argument, more a foolish disagreement.

Blend of the two words: quarrel and kerfuffle
Person one: Were Susan and Bob in a quarrel
Person two: No, they’re having more of a quaffle though they do have horrid marital problems due to his inability to create a regular old plumbis
by BATTALIONS96 September 18, 2019
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A long string of queef's that are so loud that they are disruptive.
Nicole quaffled and it was mistaken for betthoven's 9th
by The Orchestra February 23, 2014
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For non-muggles, a quaffle is in fact a waffle that has been saturated with queefs. Usually occuring in breakfast resturants with tainted food.
Dog, I went to Denny's and the waitress destroyed my grand slam breakfast by giving me quaffles instead of frenchtoast.
by niggasteve11 March 12, 2010
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I tapped Amber last night, shes such a quaffle!
by James McVane April 29, 2007
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When a woman has had sex and there are rements of the mans semen left over inside the woman's vagina and when she queefs it sounds wet. Making a quaffe sound.
Wow that quaffle sounded like a repressed fart.
by Iioveupookey266261 January 20, 2014
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The process of angrily masturbating. Also known as the "solo anger bang." Usually done after an unsuccessful trip to the clubs while your roommate is banging someone.
guy 1: Dude you haven't danced with anyone tonight!
guy 2 (angrily): Yea I know! I guess I'll just end up quaffling tonight.
by NotGriffin March 3, 2010
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