the sound heard from the ballsack hitting the taint of a female (or male) while getting pounded
Cindy could here a faint quaf from Lyle pounding Laura in the other room
by King Cobe Bra April 14, 2009
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A man's hairstyle that is formed when he is going down on a woman and she queefs so forcefully that it blows his hair back.
"Do you like my hair? I was going down on my girlfriend this morning and she queefed so hard in my face. Blew my hair into the perfect quaf."
by THEwoman August 21, 2014
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An extremely powerful queef; A violent eruption from the male genitalia that instantly transforms he-who-quafed into a female.
Person 1: "Dude! I quafed so hard last night!"
Person 2: "Queefquaftittotgooglygoochy"
Person 3 (obseving Persons 1 and 2): "Classic menoche."

Upon hearing a powerful explosion, Jim rushed back to the bedroom to discover that Tim had quafed a hole into the ceiling. "TIM! Are you alright?!", he roared. Tim replied, "Shut the gow."
by Theocracy September 2, 2010
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When a women queefs and farts at the same time words collide! Its the most unsettling thing known to man kind
Cynthia totally had to Quaf after sex and her insides blew up it was a total mess! That Quaf was Disgusting I didn't know if she shit her self or was trying to blow up a balloon.
by Snoochie February 19, 2015
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a rumbly fart in which the air forcefully disturbs the ball sack
Craig let quaf so disturbing, that it disabled his ability to procreate
by King Cobe Bra April 14, 2009
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to watch QAF (Queer As Folf) extensively, to the point in which you do not believe you can be aroused to a higher extent.
Brooke- Hey Jess, ready to quaf tonight?
Jess- Brooke, when im a NOT ready to quaf?
by brookalicioussss March 13, 2007
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Quaf is when air gets trapped inside a females vagina and makes a farting noise when it comes out.

AKA Queef
by tevans0000 September 9, 2009
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