This is a pulsating feeling a woman gets in an around her vagina when extremely turned on.

The heart beat feeling is due to the increase heart rate and blood flow to the clitorus, labium, and hymen.
Usually accompanied with moistness.
Jane started purring when her boyfriend told her what he was going to do to her tonight.
by Wetkitty November 13, 2012
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Short for period, best used when something goes on that seems very iconic just say our after.
“I slapped him after he tried to grab my ass” “PURR

When something goes on that seems very iconic just say our after.
by queenshitpurr August 30, 2020
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-a cat version of a major orgasm
-occuring when a cat, or human, is extremely happy
giving a massage can result to lots of purring.
by xohxbabyx69x August 7, 2007
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people use pur to show that they ate the whole world up, "purrr", is an slang and only bad bitches use that word.
a:"how do i look like"? b: "purrrrr u look so goood"
a:"*insults someone* b:"purrrrrrrrr go girl"
by hellouser2937272 January 6, 2022
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Pretty, not as in the adjective, but as in the adverb. Means the same as "really" or "very" or "totally."
"That TV show is pur funny."
"I'm pur awesome."
by Markus the Great June 1, 2006
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used by leafy and superior people to express a form of superiority (word used very locally)
"these people ain't be-ah, we stepping on them, pur"
by Leafé March 3, 2021
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