meaning “perioddd!!!” but shorter and cuter.

can also be used like “pur” or with as mean “r’s” as you’d like. purrr.
“He finally asked me out!”

omg purrr!!!”
by purrrpurrr November 8, 2020
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agreeing with something; something that you like or when someone states facts
Friend: she would’ve got her ass beat on site

Me: purrr
by Jungkook’s slave April 4, 2021
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just like the word “period” but instead you say purrr
by bestfriend? November 26, 2020
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Person1:Did u see Maddies post

Person2: PURRR
by Papi Chulo❤️🖤 January 8, 2021
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Stupid tiktok saying.. Fron coi leray
My teacher isn’t here today purrr
by timeframe May 21, 2021
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Someone who prefers small kittens then to the female form.
"Jake is a purrr"
by Al Pott 87 May 25, 2004
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A noise emmited from a person who loves cats & tumblr. Le is given from the Memes on tumblr & purr is self explanatory.

Making up le purrr.

It is used in many different situations, As long as it applies.
Ebelene was sitting in class & started scratching her back & said le purrr
by Enelebe October 4, 2011
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