A College in the middle of Indiana, which by the way has some of the strangest weather i've ever encountered in my life. While it's a very good engineering school, and has both a large greek system, and exchange student program, it's placed in the middle of...you guessed it, cornfields! In short, there is a lack of activites at Purdue.
Here I am stuck at Purdue in the middle of July; it's 95 degrees, humid, and even though the sun's out, it just started raining and tornado alarms are going up all around.
by Jason Ault July 26, 2005
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A university that is often slept on outside of academics. Although is boasts amazing engineering and science programs, it has become a major contender in the social scene. With a huge Greek presence and a wave of social, good-looking students in recent years, Purdue is quickly becoming a major contender in the collegiate social game. Similarly, it’s sports teams, like football and basketball, have gained much fame in headlines recently in the Big Ten as well as nationally. The motto of “work hard, play hard” seems to be ferverently traveling from UW-Madison down to Purdue. While there is still rooms to grow in the town of West Lafayette itself, Purdue students manage to always keep themselves entertained.
Person A: have you ever heard of Purdue?
Person B: Yeah, in Indiana right?
Person A: Yeah, what is it?
Person B: My friend goes there, says the only thing that helps him cope with his classes is Cactus on Thursday nights.
by FergieM May 9, 2019
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(n.) A student at this university who does not write a ~3 paragraphs of definition of 'Purdue' in response to a student bashing IU and ND and then ending with a claim of complete apathy to what Purdue has to say

(n.) One who is not a dumbass from IU
That whiny bitch is from IU he's bitching and moaning on urban dictionary inaccurate rankings and a small dick, definitely not a Purdue student.

Indiana University, keeping ugly girls out of Purdue since 1869, Purdue University, keeping IU guys from losing their virginities since 1820.
by emok32 December 16, 2010
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A university located in Indiana where sheep get nervous anytime they happen to win a big game.
Sheep #1, "I just heard Purdue defeated Ohio State!"

Sheep #2, "Great, we'll be getting fucked the rest of the day by the Purdue faithful."

Sheep #1, "At least they don't win often."
by Tude January 11, 2007
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A university in Indiana famous for being the capital of hatred in the American Midwest. Purdue students, surrounded by ugly people, poor athletic teams, and cornfields, have nothing to do but fester in their own inferiority and bitterness. These bullies like to imagine that they are intense rivals with other Indiana schools like Notre Dame and Indiana University, but students at these universities generally barely care about Purdue at all because they have better things to do than constantly try to convince themselves that they aren't worthless - like school or socializing.
In NCAA sports, Notre Dame has won 55 national championships, Indiana has won 23 national championships, and Purdue has won 3 national championships.

What does a Rose-Hulman student and a Purdue student have in common? They were both accepted to Purdue.

ND fan: Why do Purdue fans hate us so much? They're not even our real rivals like Michigan and USC.
IU fan: It's nothing personal. They hate everyone. They're just miserable people who have to take it out on everyone else.

Indiana has many academic programs in the top ten in the nation, including music, psychology, journalism, business, and public and environmental affairs. Notre Dame is ranked one of the top twenty universities in the nation. Purdue's pride program, engineering, isn't even the best in the state, blown away by Rose-Hulman.
by AnnArborIsAWhore December 5, 2010
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A college in Indiana that think's it's better than everyone. Students here are known to attempt to be enemies with every student from another college. However, very few students outside Purdue actually care if Purdue manages to do anything good.

Students at Purdue are also notorious for switching majors and becoming career college students. After spending an ungodly amount of time 'learning' at Purdue, the only thing students have to show for said education is "Would you like fries with that?"
Friends don't let friends go to Purdue. That is, unless they want to work at McDonald's for the rest of their life. In which case friends encourage friends to go to Purdue.
by Moo-haha April 3, 2011
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a college in Indiana that refuses to acknowledge that other schools exist. They refuse to admit that they are third in the state for sports: ND rules the state in football and IU in basketball. Purdue might as well be on par with small public schools like Ball State, Western Michigan, Miami OH, etc. They think they are better than everyone because the can sometimes manage to beat terrible teams. When Purdue destroys no-name schools, it's a miracle and it shows they are back on top (which they never were)

Purdue fans: people too stupid to know what championships are
Why is Rodney so bitter?

I don't know, I think he goes to Purdue.
by Hoosierbyblood December 5, 2013
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