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A university that is often slept on outside of academics. Although is boasts amazing engineering and science programs, it has become a major contender in the social scene. With a huge Greek presence and a wave of social, good-looking students in recent years, Purdue is quickly becoming a major contender in the collegiate social game. Similarly, it’s sports teams, like football and basketball, have gained much fame in headlines recently in the Big Ten as well as nationally. The motto of “work hard, play hard” seems to be ferverently traveling from UW-Madison down to Purdue. While there is still rooms to grow in the town of West Lafayette itself, Purdue students manage to always keep themselves entertained.
Person A: have you ever heard of Purdue?
Person B: Yeah, in Indiana right?
Person A: Yeah, what is it?
Person B: My friend goes there, says the only thing that helps him cope with his classes is Cactus on Thursday nights.
by FergieM May 09, 2019
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