University in Indiana where all the dorks and ugly kids go because they don't have any friends. Kids with friends go to other schools, like Indiana University. Also Purdue is known for veterinary medicine, unlike IU, which has the medical school, and the really smart students get to take care of humans instead of Fido.
by aamyoung January 17, 2009
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A college in Indiana that think's it's better than everyone. Students here are known to attempt to be enemies with every student from another college. However, very few students outside Purdue actually care if Purdue manages to do anything good.

Students at Purdue are also notorious for switching majors and becoming career college students. After spending an ungodly amount of time 'learning' at Purdue, the only thing students have to show for said education is "Would you like fries with that?"
Friends don't let friends go to Purdue. That is, unless they want to work at McDonald's for the rest of their life. In which case friends encourage friends to go to Purdue.
by Moo-haha April 03, 2011
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a college in Indiana that refuses to acknowledge that other schools exist. They refuse to admit that they are third in the state for sports: ND rules the state in football and IU in basketball. Purdue might as well be on par with small public schools like Ball State, Western Michigan, Miami OH, etc. They think they are better than everyone because the can sometimes manage to beat terrible teams. When Purdue destroys no-name schools, it's a miracle and it shows they are back on top (which they never were)

Purdue fans: people too stupid to know what championships are
Why is Rodney so bitter?

I don't know, I think he goes to Purdue.
by Hoosierbyblood December 04, 2013
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An engineering school in the Midwest where students go if they do not get into the chad schools: UIUC, Michigan, and Wisconsin. Purdue is also normally a safety school for those who are aiming for top engineering schools. Normally if you get into UIUC, Michigan, and Wisconsin, you will definitely get into Purdue, but it is not always the other way around. Purdue's mascot is a Boilermaker, they normally parade it around before a sports game just to compensate for how badly they will lose.

Netflix is banned on Purdue's WIFI because their virgin bandwidths can't handle all the traffic, whereas the chad Midwest schools invests on the internet infrastructure campus wide so students don't need to use data.

Common nicknames for school: purdoodoo, purdon't
Person A wearing crown: I am the dumbest man alive!!!
Person B: Purdue is the best school in the Midwest
Person A: Purwho? You are clearly dumber, here take this crown
by zao_zeeeee May 02, 2021
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A word that can be used to replace the word β€œboring” in any sentence but may I warn you that use of this word may make you or other people in the area fall asleep
β€œStop being purdue”
β€œI’m so purdue right now”
by Yeetyootskeet February 25, 2019
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