A phrase added before someone says something really shitty, in hopes of easing the severity of the comment.
It's nothing personal, but you repulse me.

It's nothing personal, but I don't know why I ever had sex with you.
by spillcanvasgirl21 June 27, 2009
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Exactly what it says, "nothing personal," don't get hurt but it just is what it means, you're going by your own logic and if that offends people you don't mind.
It's nothing personal Brooke but if you don't want to be in a relationship, I'm not going to waste my time being your not gay "gay best friend" that you just talk to about your feelings and then expect my support.
by Robotron 9000 May 11, 2020
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All Time Low's third full-length album. It is only their second full-length on Hopeless Records. It's being released on July 7th, 2009 and All Time Low is following up the release with a very short "Nothing Personal" tour before they go on Warped Tour.
Releasing the album's name caused a huge war between All Time Low, their crew members, and many other bands. It caused twitter to become over-capacity.
Weightless is the first single, and the track list is as follows

1. Weightless
2. Break Your Little Heart
3. Damned If I Do Ya (Damned If I Don't)
4. Lost In Stereo
5. Stella
6. Sick Little Games
7. Hello, Brooklyn
8. Walls
9. Too Much
10. Keep The Change, You Filthy Animal
11. A Party Song (The Walk of Shame)
12. Therapy
1) "I can't wait for Nothing Personal, it's going to be the best album of the summer!"
2) All Time Low is better than you -- Nothing Personal (:
by :)<3x June 04, 2009
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something that is indeed, very personal.
we're over.
its not me, it's you... nothing personal?
by ct31 November 25, 2006
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1. lack of privacy
2. lie told before object receives fucking, meaning that it is in fact or has become personal, dismissal phrase of contempt and judgemental superiority
*see 'word'* exposition above
by wriggler February 21, 2005
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line often used before the subject dumping the object or confessing somethine mean they did to or think about them.
jake: its nothing personal, janie.
jake: theres someone...else...
jane: BASTARD!!
by ...... February 23, 2005
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These words make you teleport behind the opponent so you can destroy them (out powers no u and uno reverse)
Jim: smacks down uno reverse card
Me: Nothing personal kid (teleports behind Jim)
Jim: NANI?!
by b i g up December 06, 2019
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