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A university in Indiana famous for being the capital of hatred in the American Midwest. Purdue students, surrounded by ugly people, poor athletic teams, and cornfields, have nothing to do but fester in their own inferiority and bitterness. These bullies like to imagine that they are intense rivals with other Indiana schools like Notre Dame and Indiana University, but students at these universities generally barely care about Purdue at all because they have better things to do than constantly try to convince themselves that they aren't worthless - like school or socializing.
In NCAA sports, Notre Dame has won 55 national championships, Indiana has won 23 national championships, and Purdue has won 3 national championships.

What does a Rose-Hulman student and a Purdue student have in common? They were both accepted to Purdue.

ND fan: Why do Purdue fans hate us so much? They're not even our real rivals like Michigan and USC.
IU fan: It's nothing personal. They hate everyone. They're just miserable people who have to take it out on everyone else.

Indiana has many academic programs in the top ten in the nation, including music, psychology, journalism, business, and public and environmental affairs. Notre Dame is ranked one of the top twenty universities in the nation. Purdue's pride program, engineering, isn't even the best in the state, blown away by Rose-Hulman.
by AnnArborIsAWhore December 05, 2010
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