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A College in the middle of Indiana, which by the way has some of the strangest weather i've ever encountered in my life. While it's a very good engineering school, and has both a large greek system, and exchange student program, it's placed in the middle of...you guessed it, cornfields! In short, there is a lack of activites at Purdue.
Here I am stuck at Purdue in the middle of July; it's 95 degrees, humid, and even though the sun's out, it just started raining and tornado alarms are going up all around.
by Jason Ault July 25, 2005
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A Chargers Fan is quite similar to being a Padres fan: you just gotta have faith. Whether they're 4-12, or 12-4, the real chargers fans say "The Chargers are going all the way this year." For a true Chargers Fan, every team is a fairweather team. While of course a love for the Chargers is a must, the other essential quality that a Chargers Fan must have is hate. Yes, that's right hate. Hate for one team, one city above all others...the Oakland Raiders. While L.A. is slightly in there cause it's always those fuckers that we get into drunken fights with at the games, a Chargers Fan cultivates and grooms his hate for raiders, much the same way a gardner does a rose bush. There is nothing better in the world to a Chargers than a Sunday where the Raiders lose and the Chargers win....on days like this we look up into our sunny sky and thank God we live in San Diego.
"So how 'bout them Chargers huh?!"
"Chargers fucking suck, fuck em."
"Dude, Chargers are gonna do it this year."
"Why the fuck is everyone I know a Chargers Fan?"
"Uh...cause they rock?! GO BOLTS BABY!!!"
by Jason Ault October 07, 2005
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