A person who is a general jerk,asshole,or doesn't have any common sense and pisses you off to your tipping point.
Drive faster down the freeway punk ass!

Stop shoving your nuts in my face punk ass!

He left the dishes dirty, that punk ass.

He's such a punk ass for cutting me off in traffic.
by Alejandro November 25, 2014
Somethin' extremelly, in large portion, really dope!
Example 1 -

Eazy: Yo Dre !
Dre : Wussup?
Eazy: Gimme a punk ass baseline!

Example 2 - Game Said in Facebook:

She dont want a real nigga, matterfact she dont kno what she want, But yo punk ass luv her anyway ! #callKatWilliams & get some advice pimp.
by SideNwa October 9, 2010
adjective, describing one who is stupid, obnoxious, and deserves a good ass kicking.
Go tell your punk-ass friends to get their feet off the coffee table!
by d.moore June 29, 2004
to be bitch like or pussyfied.
that dudes punk ass got his ass beat.
by ben April 4, 2003
weak, loser, one unworthy of respect.
The Golden State Warriors are just punk-ass bitches.
by Jim May 7, 2003
Someone who is lame and or scary, they get on your last nerve. they typically talk a lot of shit but never back it up
John: Ill beat you up!
Joey:Hit me then
John: nawww man next week I got to go home right now
Joey: your a Punk Ass
by BallOutTillFallOut July 29, 2013
one who is a punk
ie; a sore loser, a loser, or a stingy bastard
by random hero February 20, 2003