20 definitions by random hero

1) an animated character with human like traits
2) an animated film in which "cartoon" characters perform
by random hero February 20, 2003
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the "central business district" of a city, usually swarming with rich, white people
we was cruisin' around CBD and saw nothing but bitches and white fools
by random hero February 25, 2003
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a person who in fact is the worst waste of life ever. a true specimen will spit while drinking a beer and having a fat dip in...
shadandawa should change her name to "Douchey Mcdoucherson".
by random hero March 28, 2005
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1)straight up gangsta
2)straight pimpin
that car is flossin dude!
by random hero February 20, 2003
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Sound occuring when a grenade is launched from an AR rifle.
See comic books.

See XIII on the X-Box
by random hero February 2, 2004
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Main Entry: psyched
Variant(s): also psyched /'sIkd/
Function: transitive verb
Inflected Form(s): psyched;
To be excited or pumped up about something.
I'm soooo psyched about the party.
by random hero June 25, 2003
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An amusingly ginger person.

Usually seen in the vendors with the crew of 'fat' sixth formers.

Also seen mocking phil or poking sheldon regularly.

Genius at programing.
'Hey theres karrde....*FLUMP*....Oh he's gone'
by random hero February 6, 2004
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