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A shortened version of "punga wine". Cheap, high alcohol-content wine made from any combination of at least two types of fruit, usually wild (and therefore free) berries, plums, apples, strawberries, peaches, cherries, etc. Often contains honey as an additional source of sugar. (more sugar = more alcohol) Classier than Pruno, but not as classy as Moonshine. Depending on the brewer and the ingredients, the flavor can range from downright terrible to pleasantly light and fruity. Could very easily be sold for a good price to dumb yuppies under the guise of being "rustic artisanal wines". Stupid rich bitches.
I brewed a batch of punga in my closet. Shit was so cash.
by TastyThighs180 June 24, 2011
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Punga in maori mythology is a supernatural being, the ancestor of sharks, lizards, rays and other deformed, ugly things, hence the saying "te aitanga a punga" meaning "the offspring of punga" used to describe an ugly person. this can be helpful when you want to insult someone without them knowing exactly what you mean, confusing them. It's really fun. it can also be shortened into just calling someone a punga, calling them ugly.
that girl must be the offspring of punga. (meaning -> that girl is ugly)

hi punga! (meaning -> hi ugly!)
by Laraine March 27, 2007
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a skanky usually fat chick who lacks self respect and deodorant and any class what so ever, who would fuck any body usually found scouting pubs, clubs and parties for really drunk guys who otherwise would never touch them, can often seek pregnancy to trap the unsuspecting victim. Often infected with any number of diseases or afflictions typically an australian term
fuck man those pungas are fucking trying to pick up, carolina and her sister are filthy fucking pungas man wouldnt let my dog fuck them.
by shred_boy December 26, 2006
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Pronounced Poon-Gah

1. An appropriate way of ending a telephone conversation between friends. (Must be announced loudly followed by an immediate hang-up allowing no response from "Punga" recipient.)
2. A small undesirable species of fish that can only be caught at Fort Morgan, Alabama.
1. Caller 1: Keep it breezy bitch.
Caller 2: PUNGA!!!!!
2. Damn, I caught another fucking Punga.
by OL RED October 13, 2006
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