A great science experiment for the kids... and yummy too!

To make it, alls you have to do is smush some oranges in a bag, add ketchup and sugar cubes, let sit for a week, and enjoy!
Prisoner: Boy, this delicious pruno makes me nostalgic for my childhood days when I used to drink cat urine.
by aspraglia December 4, 2010
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A homemade alcoholic beverage made in prison which consists of fruit, sugar and yeast. Left to ferment, usually in a garbage bag fir a week or longer. The term is used in prosons west of the Mississippi. East of the Mississippi it is known as hooch
My birthday is next week. Lets get some pruno mixed up
by ERICWRIGHT075 February 4, 2021
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Wine brewed by prison inmates and chilled in a cell commode
I drank a gang of pruno, but I still couldn't get drunk enough to want to get sodomized by my cellmate.
by Baller-Ass Nigga July 9, 2003
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An alcoholic beverage produced my inmates in a county or state level. Alcohol is made from fruit, sugar, and bread that ferments for a period of time ranging from one to six days.
The Deputy was walking by my cell and discovered my large batch of pruno.
by Anonymous September 22, 2003
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grape juice and yeast fermented for a week, the foam is then skimmed off and the "pruno" is enjoyed.
my cellie made some pruno and hustled it to the guys in A Pod for some dinner trays.
by brandon's wife June 14, 2004
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A fraud from Sporting CP who loves to score penalties and create a false image that he is better than De Bruyne. In reality, he has the footballing ability of Ali Dia and is only good when the referee gives him a penalty after diving
Oh, Look! I spotted Pruno Penandes diving! He paid the ref and got a penalty though!
by Jose Mourinho is finished March 26, 2021
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Pruno Pernandes is some younger brother of Pristiano Penaldo he takes all the pen before Pristiano Penaldo come and he haunted by him
Omg! Do you see that Pruno Pernandes taken penalty and ghosted all the matches
by KingOfTapIn October 11, 2021
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