Somebody who went for milk but never came back
Mom: hunny were out of milk could you get some?
Farther: aw shit here we go again
by November 9, 2021
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Sneak over to Tanner's house in the middle of the day without him knowing and take a picture of his house.
Hey let's go farther today and peg his window with oranges.
by Marcius Firath February 16, 2011
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The one to protect boys in a family of evil girls
thats my farther
by Omega July 13, 2003
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Eat your mother and gother and farther! Do It! It mean what i just said you need this word to insult people in need so it becomes cannibalism so eat it or you become the mother work out and you become a farther become old and than your a gother!
Eat Your Mother and Gother And Farther! Eat your mother with that smile! Eat your gother! Eat Your farther with that Mouth!
by Dm4571 September 25, 2020
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A word for saying something is very far away or more far away than something else.
"That's a lot farther than that other thing."
"The first glimp is a lot farther than the second glimp."
by Harrison Define October 2, 2023
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