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A member of the press who intentionally exaggerates the current state of affairs to satisfy a personal political bias.
Reporter: Although unemployment is at a record high, the fact the the DOW average has increased ten points is a sure sign that the economy is growing at a brisk pace.

Reader: Another fantasy land article written by a pump monkey.
by Misa Violet January 15, 2012
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A relentless self-serving cheerleader for financial markets generally motivated by an ulterior motive, e.g. a liar.

"Experts" who promote their own "book," or investment strategy with an aim toward personal gain.
Economic recovery is dependent upon pump monkeys bolstering consumer confidence.
by Adam Smith Jr. July 13, 2012
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A Pump Monkey is anyone who is the gas attendent at a gas station. This is one of the lowest jobs someone can have.
1 - Guess what! I got a job!

2 - Where?

1 - Gas Station, pumping gas!

2 - HA! You are such a Pump Monkey!
by Enigma Pie July 29, 2006
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