A meaning when the weed was so dank or so strong that we used the term the gas as what us teens use today in 2015
Yo dude austin got the gas

Mane nobody got better gas than you

Bro you always got the gas on you.
by potsmokers March 16, 2015
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Song by Manuel that was used in Initial D and is the perfect song when you want to race or drift
Person: Hey whats your favorite song?

Me: Gas Gas Gas
by The_DaffyOne January 31, 2021
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Famous Kyeongsangdo line for using four of the same Korean characters “ga ga ga ga” all said with different intonations to mean “Is that the guy?”
'He's the one I was telling you about'

'ah, ga ga ga ga?'
by Nochucomethru February 12, 2018
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What CF recruits do not want to hear during BMQ.
Course Instructor: GAS GAS GAS!!

*all recruits shut their eyes, take off their headgears (if any), quickly pull out the gas masks from the pouch, tightening the straps after putting it on*

(or at least attempted to in under 9 seconds)

Course Instructor: You! Bloggins! Way too slow: assume the Cockroach Position!
by Pte. Bloggins February 06, 2008
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1. v. The act of getting excited and/or animated about something. To be exremely happy.

2. adj. Describing something as great.
I love Taco Bell. I go Ga-Ga for that shit.

That chick's boobs are Ga-Ga.
by Fitch April 15, 2004
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Ga Ga is a game played in a pit or other variations of a pit. The game is played with a ball sort of like dodgeball, where everyone playing stands on the edges of the pit as one person throws the ball into the air. No one can touch the ball before the ball bounces three times (as the ball bounces everyone says ga) if you touch the ball before three bounces you're out. After three bounces the ball is live, you must hit the ball and try to hit someone below the knees to get them out, you cannot hit the ball twice before someone else touches it or it touches the wall. If the ball is caught, the last person to touch it before the catch is out, after a catch the ball is re thrown. The game is more fun with many people playing, the game can get very violent and people are prone to injuries because of it. The game is more popular with the Jewish community. Some rules are different where played but has the same idea
Hey do you want to play Ga Ga?
Not if its just the two of us, plus I'm still recovering from last time we played.
by Joel Steinman November 11, 2007
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