When someone has done something that you deem worthy of some form of award, but have nothing to give, so you give them the satisfaction of "ten points". The points have no real life value, but it's just something silly scene, punk, or indie kids say.
Kate; Hey, you like my new hair?
Nick; Yes! Ten points!
by Misukiko September 23, 2009
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term that replaces "head"
"yo Shanice is such a chicken head. You know she gave Shawn ten points???"
by Daina April 23, 2006
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An exclamation used to inform one's friends and acquaintances about a successful hook-up. Only applies to sexual intercourse, although fewer points may be allotted for scoring a base run if the player doesn't make it all the way home. Especially useful if you don't want everyone in the room to know about your sexual escapades.
Person 1: Hey man, where were you last night? We waited for an hour before we left!

Person 2: Yeah, sorry bro, got tied up with that girl from the club. But hey, Ten Points for Gryffindor!!

Person 1: Oh, we're cool then
by ScorinPoints February 8, 2010
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The term defining the event where a man and a woman are having intercourse in a bedroom, and upon the time of finishing, a third party who has been hiding in the closet, unbeknowsnt to the man or woman, jumps out and yells "TEN POINTS FOR GRYFFINDOR!!!" and promptly runs out of the room. Usually works best with random hook ups, but also is well suited for sex within a relationship.
"Yo dude, you remember how Chris was with that random girl last night? I so ten points for gryffindored them"
by 5079th August 25, 2008
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this is when you light someone up for the first time (marijuana) and it is essentially your award for doing so
Guy #1- Did you just get Sally to smoke weed?
Guy #2- Hell yeah! I got Ten Points For Griffindor!!!!!!!


c'mon just smoke it! I need to get ten points for griffindor
by Negro Thunder February 19, 2009
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Used when someone does something good or impressive that deserves recognition. Usually depends on the type of person they are then you can choose the house they go into

Sonia: NO JOKE Ten Points to (harry potter house here)

*since jen is super smart she would be ravenclaw
by Tara I'm Terrible December 14, 2010
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When someone says something dirty/clever/witty or does something cool
Person 1: Bro I just realized..If air is clear to us..does that mean water is clear to fish??

by herp dee der January 31, 2017
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