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1) when you manage to disrupt an entire dinning hall by throwing bannas, salt, ice, and cups at people
2) when you make a girl cry by crushing her ice cream cone onto a plate
3) when you squeal strangly at cute panda bears
Shannon: So guess what Lexi did today?
Jenny: Oh...she was pulling a Hannah wasn't she?
Shannon: Yea, she threw bananas because i didn't reply to her texts
Jenny: Of course, always pulling a Hannah.
by JT Santiago November 30, 2011
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The worst thing you can do to your ex-boyfriend. You break up with him, and then start dating another guy soon after. Optional: keep it a secret from your ex-boyfriend
Mark: Did you hear? Daniella just started dating Johnson
David: OMG! We only broke up like two weeks ago.
Jose: She be Pulling a Hannah. What a hoe.
by The F2P Hacker Kid May 31, 2018
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Falling in love with a boy that you haven't met.
Emily: I think I might be pulling a Hannah
Lola: Oh god, who is the guy you love who you have not met?
by britishbabessssxxxx March 23, 2010
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leaving the discord chat unprecedentedly after changing your icon and nickname to something "edgy"
pulling a hannah-
"oh god *insert name* just pulled a hannah and left the chat."
by j.f.y. December 16, 2018
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