Can be shy but also very beautiful. If you meet a Lexi treat her kind, and love her too the fullest. She'll feel at times as though no one loves her or She'll feel like you're ignoring her. She's probably funny and likes to goof around but only the people who make her comfortable. She's a beautiful, girl who just wants to be cuddled, and loved.
"Who's That? She's really goofy."
"That's Lexi, she's only like that around her friends."
by Sexy ass-lexi October 14, 2017
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Lexi is hilarious, but she doesn't know it. She has a morbid sense of humor and she hates stupid people. She can't stand wearing dresses either, even though she looks great in them. If you tell Lexi any secret, beware, she is very loud and can't control her volume. She doesn't mean to spill secrets, though and is one of the best friends you can ever have. She is outgoing yet also shy because she cares what people think too much.
1. "Dude I want to ask Lexi out but I feel like she'll shoot me down"
2. "Why is Lexi always cracking jokes about killing poeple?"
by Katree Onomatopoeia January 21, 2017
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A beautiful, perfect girl that every guy loves. She is very artistic, a great singer, an awesome dancer (makes the best dance moves), and best of all the cutest smile ever!! You cant even describe how beautiful her smile is. Lexi can sometimes be shy when singing in front of people, but other than that she is a wild child that will do anything you want her to do. Best of all she loves SHOPPING she can sop 'till she drops. Lexi has a GREAT sense of style. She loves fashion and designing clothes and outfits. Everyone wants Lexi (especially the guys!! Lots of guyss!! :)
Lexi is hott!!
by amberly\ January 21, 2012
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Smart, Funny, Pretty, and Nice. Lexi is someone you want to hang out with if you wanna have fun. Lexi is pretty even though she thinks otherwise.
Boy 1: Hey look at her!
Boy 2: She must be a Lexi!
by Hannah12653 January 20, 2017
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Lexi is a smart and pretty girl that lives in a small town and if you are dating her then you are the luckest guy in the world
by Lexirocks12 February 1, 2017
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Lexi is funny! She also smiles way too often. She is constantly changing moods. Sometimes, when she smiles, she looks like a rabbit. When she makes a sad face, you want to give her everything. She also makes the honor roll alot. She is also one of the best friends you will ever have in your entire life. If you are about to die, you will remember Lexi. In the inside, she is a weirdo.
Girl: Wow! That girl is so popular!
Me: Yea... I know.. Lexi...
by F00F00PUFF October 4, 2017
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The most beautiful person alive, she is talkative, pretty, sexy, great shape, fit, loving, friendly, anything you could ever ask for and triple of that.
"That Lexi, over there, I think I've got a thing for her"
"I know, every guy has, I don't know how she does it!"
"she's so gorgeous, I'm in love with her."
by ETTO September 26, 2011
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