With mere seconds remaining before heading out to lunch with co-workers, a co-worker decides to use the restroom, thus delaying lunch another 3 minutes for the entire entourage whose stomachs ar growling ferociously for a bean and cheese.
I told Jose not to Pull-a-Scott right as I pressed the elevator button, but he did it anyway, and we got to the restaurant late missing out on adobada and Julio was nowhere to be found.
by Jerry McGaffin October 13, 2021
1) When you are making out with someone (male or female) and you throw up all over the place. Often done in a closet lol.

2) Rear end a car and blame it on fashion.

3) Make out with a fat chick

4) Act like a homosexual
1) Aww I heard that Scott and Lauren were making out. Too bad he had to drink too much and pull a Scott. Poor Lauren.

2) Jason's rear end of the car is bumped because somebody pulled a Scott. Those damn Italian leather boots again!

3) I heard Steve had to pull a Scott last night! Oh well, thats all he can afford.

4) Mikey thats gross, stop pulling a Scott.
by gohabsgo60 April 14, 2009
Pulling a "Scott" is when you use someone else's words as your own, without initially crediting them. Occurs in many contexts, including when someone makes a joke that's clever, somewhat obscure, and fits so well into the conversation it seems like they made it up on the spot. Also, when someone inputs something extremely romantic into a conversation, which is actually a song lyric or a movie line.
Lida: "Are you still gonna love me when I'm old and wrinkly?"

Scott: "I'll buy you Rogaine, when you start losing all your hair." (Ingrid Michaelson, The Way I Am)

Lida: "You're precisely the reason they call it 'pulling a Scott,' honey."
by Pretty Peaces June 8, 2009
The act of being contrarian, obstructionist, argumentative and totally irritating for the sake of personal gain and/or laziness and/or the love of the sound of ones own voice.

The act of jizzing on the floor and not cleaning up for a frightening amount of time.
"It's all fun and games until somebody Pulls a Scott."

"My inbox is flooded by some douche Pulling a Scott."

"I'm not going in there man! Somebody Pulled a Scott!"
by Michael Dougan February 11, 2010
The act of screwing up at last minute of cucking people out of an act or completion of a role
James: Alright guys let's all have a good time doing this.

Frank:Wow Chad thanks for Pulling a Scott on us now we can't have any productivity.

Chad:well sorry for blue balling you.
by Xxdarknessxx516@gmail.com September 3, 2018
Pulling a Scott is basically where you pay some guy from Craigslist to fuck your wife while you sit in a darkly lit corner fliming and masterbateing to the whole event.
by Cuntcrusader69 October 18, 2017
To release a game earlier than the planned release date.
Call of Duty 4 was due to be released in June, but they just had to pull a Scott Cawthon and release it in May.
by JingleFairy September 30, 2016