cmon fat look fat cmon man we gotta do some push-ups
joe biden: look fat, cmon you gotta do some push-ups with me
by someturkey September 14, 2021
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The question that every woman will invariably ask of their significant other atleast once. She is fishing for a compliment and the correct answer is ALWAYS no. Do not say yes unless you enjoy sleeping on the couch and pulling your own pork for a month.
by Miss Stevie December 30, 2004
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Girl asking her boyfriend/husband if he likes her looks. No right answer can possibly come of this. Usually followed by screaming or noise as hand/fist/foot connects with husband/boyfriend's body part.
Does this dress make me look fat, dear?
I don't think it's the dress, honey.
by Tettster October 30, 2003
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Asked by that fat pig you've been porking, when the answer is obviously yes. If you say yes, however, you will never tap that ass again, ever.
Her: Do I look fat in this dress?
You: Who let the pig out? Snort snort snort snort. WHO LET THE PIG OUT? and so on...
by Nick D February 10, 2003
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Actually, there is an answer to this statement that is as feared as "you are the father". Though it is a question.
GF: Does this {article of clothing} make me look fat?
BF: Before you ask me, ask yourself, 'Do I feel fat wearing this?' Then, maybe I can give you a better answer!
by IcyHaku December 1, 2004
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