The act of going down a slow moving river in an inner tube.

However it must involve copious amounts of alcohol and the viewing of at least one set of nekkid tits. It is not tubing unless there is at least one white trash girl in a thong flashing her tits like a drunken whore she is.
I went tubing on the guadelupe river in texas this weekend and saw spider's sister flashing everyone.
by Wagonburner July 18, 2005
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Sex act involving two men where tube-shaped items are placed in the urethra in order to expand the size of the "japseye" hole. The tubes are increased in size daily/weekly over a period of months untill the penis-hole is large enough for the other man to insert his penis.
Dude, next week your cock-hole will be large enough for me to enter you.
by Mr T May 26, 2004
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A term - perhaps invented in Muskoka - used to describe the watersport of being pulled behind a fast moving ski-boat on a large sea biscuit or inner-tube. The inner-tube usually has a smooth bottom, furnished so as to not end up in a phenomenal cartwheel-like wipeout; although this is infact what the watchers of the tuber are looking for!
The best way to tube is to criss-cross the boat wake gaining a wider and wider arc so as to increase speed to upwards of 100 mph. Once this speed is neared, the tuber is likely to hit the wake, become airborn and perform a maniacal wipeout forgotten since the days of Evel Kneivel.
Max: "Look at those dudes tubing. The boat must be doing 50, the guys gotta be arcing at a-hundred!!!"

Scott: "Woaaa...there he goes!.....There's the tube....Where's the dude?!!"

Max: "THERE HE IS up in that pine tree."
by psiscott April 11, 2006
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The act of shitting in another persons ass via a tube. Once thought to be preformed with nothing but a tube, recent studies have shown that a mechinal device; ie a motor, is a must to create a suction to aid in the process of said act.
"Man, Katie got so turned on when I tubed her, I straight shit in her ass."
by Natochan[LS] February 8, 2005
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beating someone with a sock that you have previously shitted in
A:Thats some good tubing boy!
by scottysullivan October 3, 2006
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While tubing last night, i found this mad soccer vid.
by coinroller July 28, 2007
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Shitting into one's sock, then after, this act is done, beating another person, or persons with the shit filled sock.
Damn, this sock is dirty from all the tubing me and you mom did last night
by wierd235 August 28, 2006
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