The act of selling, or attempting to sell, drugs.
"Yo is that one dude still pushing weed?"
by maryjaneslover69 May 27, 2009
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The term used when turning cocaine into crack cocaine, allowing a much bigger profit to the dealer.
1. Hey man you done pushing that cocaine yet?

2. "Push it to the limit." - Rick Ross
by Lil city rep June 15, 2009
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The act of masturbation involving shoving paper towels down your pants, and pushing until ejaculation is achieved. Usually is performed when the user has a small penis, or wishes to masturbate in public without anyone noticing.
"Rob likes to push"

"Did you see Rob pushing the other day?"
by kulamur September 3, 2009
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The act of pushing a penis so hard it ejaculates prematurely.
I saw Jason pushing in the hall today. I swear he was totally jizzing in his pants.
by Istr0k3myc0ck2pr0nz! August 22, 2009
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push push means to have sex
last night me and my girl had mad push push
by stefo57 December 16, 2005
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" ahh gurl! last night i had me some crazy push push!"
by mr. fupa king September 2, 2006
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To sell something.
Usually drug's.
"Have you been pushing much weed lately?"
by Diego July 18, 2003
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