a woed meaning angry or pissed off. steming from the term all puffed up.
when I saw him checking out my chick I got puffed.
by george January 21, 2005
A fart, but a sweet one. Preferably a smelly one too!
Did you leave a puf? It smells in here...
by frankeplank August 18, 2009
When a drunk, limp dick is trying to be stuffed unsuccessfully into a vagina
"It's 3am and the bars are closed, looks like that girl is going to get Jet Puffed tonight"

Jane: "Dang girl, he was so wasted, I totally got Jet Puffed"
Sally: "Damn marshmallow dick"
by L.P.T.L September 13, 2012
licking and/or sucking a person's anus while breathing through the mouth to prevent the actual smelling of the anus, thus 'puffing' around the said starfish

Kerry and Dave enjoyed a tender evening fraught with starfish puffing.
by DuMbDaUgHtErS October 17, 2008
A term for a cheap-shot in the world of wrestling, penis puffing occurs when one wrestler provides a powerful blow to the crotch of an opponent, and the impact causes swelling of the genitalia.
Fan 1: "Did you see Justin's match last night? Some guy was penis puffing him the whole round."

Fan 2: "Yeah, he must have one hell of a sore mutten dagger today."
by SwedishHotpocket September 25, 2008
When a truck driver just can't seem to figure out how to fix his fire truck. He is said to be "puffed off" as to keep from using inappropriate language in the workplace. Usually if the driver is from a strict upbringing.
Well jiminy christmas! I can't seem to fix this darn truck, now I'm puffed off! Silly air leaks!
by truck1-2loudoun March 6, 2011