The act of inserting a hockey stick into the rectal cavity of another person, usually a homosexual partner. However, "pucking" someone can also occur when two straight males argue over something trival, and one sticks a hockey stick up the other's ass.
Whoa, J. Wire just pucked Bull!!!!

If you don't admit that the Vancouver Canucks are a shitty team, I'm gonna puck you.
by Bull_it February 12, 2011
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There was an inch of ice on the road; I was on puck the whole trip.
by Ereezy January 7, 2016
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The name of a mischievous fairy of English folklore (e.g. Shakespeare's "A Midsummer Night's Dream").
"FAIRY: Either I mistake your shape and making quite,
Or else you are that shrewd and knavish sprite
Called Robin Goodfellow. Are not you he
That frights the maidens of the villagery,
Skim milk, and sometimes labour in the quern,
And bootless make the breathless housewife churn,
And sometime make the drink to bear no barm,
Mislead night-wanders, laughing at their harm?
Those that Hobgoblin call you, and sweet Puck,
You do their work, and they shall have good luck.
Are you not he? "
by Figleaf23 August 3, 2007
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Used by ABC tv show Summer Heights High.
Jonah, an islander boy uses it to cover up saying "fuck".
now used by many people in Australia.
Jonah: Fuck you miss.
Teacher: What did you say?
Jonah: I said Puck you! with a P!
by Jonahhh September 19, 2007
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1. A small flat rubber disk used in the sport of hockey.
2. A character in Shakespeare's "A Mid Summer's Night Dream". - aka Robin Goodfellow
3. One of the coolest super heroes of all time. A Canadian, who was a member of Alpha Flight.
1. Gretzky passed the puck.
2. Puck's witicism's are cracking me up.
3. Holy CRAP! Did you see what that short Canadian guy just did?! He must be some sort of super hero!
by Puck January 29, 2004
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The hottest male character on FOX's show Glee.
Played by Mark Salling.
Full name: Noah Puckerman.

With his signature mohawk, chiseled jaw, and intensely penetrating stare, you can't help but love this football player / school bully / Glee club member who constantly wavers between sweetness and douchebaggery.

Plays a Jewish character on the show, along with Rachel Berry.

Adept at spitting serious game with females, including but not limited to cougars, Quinn, Rachel and Santana.
Girl: Did you see that Glee episode when Puck was shirtless in the locker room?

Other Girl: Yes, I had to watch it twice! He's so hot!
by pnayxkay January 5, 2010
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