A name that will now forever be synonymous with hockey hooliganism to the great unwashed masses of non-hockey fans!
The Vancouver Canucks fans would have rioted regardless of whether they won or lost the Stanley Cup Finals!
by Hockey Wasteland June 16, 2011
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A NHL franchise that anually dissapoints their fans with shabby playoff showings and promises of glory next year.. Also the only professional sports team whos greatest accomplishments are almost winning a championship twice.. Canuck fans turn to rioting and looting in the face of defeat as a man can only take his team loosing for around 35 years before he snaps..
Canuck fan.. Ya well remember the vancouver canucks 94 cup run? we almost had it, we got robbed. Mark Messier is a douche..
by r6rider August 2, 2008
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Vancouver BC's NHL franchise established in 1970. Since their inception in the NHL, the Vancouver Canucks have had more ups and downs than most NHL franchises, but their fan base remains strong through thick and thin. From 1970-1995 they played in the (PNE) Pacific Coliseum and from 1995-Present they have been playing at General Motors Place.

Although they have had many underwhelming seasons, the Canucks have made it to the Stanley Cup Finals on two occasions. Once during the 1981/1982 season and more recently during the 1993/1994 season. Ironically enough on both occasions they lost in the finals to a New York team (in 1982 they were swept in four games by The New York Islanders and in 1994 they had a dramatic and intense seven game series against the New York Rangers).

The Canucks were a dominant force in the NHL for most of the early 1990s and for the 2002/2003 and 2003/2004 regular seasons, they were arguably the best team in the NHL.
Go! Canucks! Go!

The future is uncertain for The Vancouver Canucks in the 2006/2007 season.

by J Rod July 13, 2006
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Vancouver BC's NHL franchise
The Vancouver Canucks deserve to win the Stanley Cup in 2004!!!!
by mrconfusion87 December 31, 2004
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A perennial disappointment with the most pathetic fan base of any half-decent professional sports team in North America.
Edmonton Oilers fans cheer harder for their last place team than Vancouver Canucks fans do in game 7 of the Stanley Cup finals.
by Paul Coffey March 9, 2011
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A shitty/pussy hockey team based in Vancouver with the most dumbass fans who get excited af after winning one series after 9 years. Also, got their ass kicked by the Big Bad Boston Bruins in the 2011 Finals after taking cheapshots at Bergeron (one of the most respected players in the NHL) and then complaining like bitches when the Bruins kicked their ass later in the series. Vancouver fans are very obnoxious and almost as delusional as Leafs fans if that is even possible. For example, after getting outscored 23-8 against Boston in 2011 and being blown out 4 times during the series (only went to game 7 cuz they won 3 games by 1 goal every time and Luongo saved their ass) , they somehow still manage to try and justify how they should have won the series. Not only this, but their dumbass fans burned down their city after getting smoked 4-0 in Game 7 of the final.
Fred: Hey how come the Bruins are kicking the Vancouver Canucks' ass so badly, both on the score board and physically.

Mark: Oh, that's just because the Vancouver Canucks thought they were gonna intimidate the Bruins in Games 1 and 2 by attacking Bergeron and taking pussy cheapshots including giving Nathan Horton a concussion. That's why the Bruins are kicking their ass now.

Fred: Ohhh now that makes sense.

Mark: Yea don't worry about Canucks fans. They'll find a way to paint the Bruins as the bad guy without giving their pussy team any responsibility for taking cheapshots.
by DementiaBiden2020202020202020 September 9, 2020
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Canada's best NHL team, and the best in the NHL. Won the Stanley Cup in 2009/2010 season.
Daaauuuyyyuuummmm....Burrows and the Sedins are the $hit! Vancouver Canucks are the best ever!
by CanucksKickAsss February 4, 2010
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