1. (N.) A technical school in the New Albany/ Floyd County area that teaches many useful trades.

2. (N.) A place FC students go if they are excessively:

a) Lazy

b) Stupid

c) Hick-ish

d) Interested in/ good at field they are studying RARE

3. (Adj.) Very hick-ish or country/farm/engine related

4. (Adj.) Stupid or senseless

5. (Interjection) A word that can be whispered or shouted to break a silence, make a group laugh, or make fun of one or more understood individuals who may or may not be present
1.) Bob- "Hey, after I finished Prosser, I was able to get a job in construction and am doing pretty well!"
Joe-"Wow, congrats dude!"

2.) Tim- "Shit dude, I'm so glad I go to Prosser rather than learning! All we do is look at diesel engines, chew, and make fun of our 'teacher'. It's dirty."
Tyrece Jones- "You're pathetic."

3.) Haley- "Pffft, did you see that dude rockin' the Carhart coveralls?"
Kim- "HAHA, yea. PROSSER!!!!"

4.) Dwayne (stoned)- "Hey, I went from that pineapple into Mr.Jackson's car and in the hay field barn."
Carter- "Prosser."

5.) <Awkward silence>
Chris- "Prosser!"
<Communal laughter>
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Noun. A small furry meerkat-like animal that invades ones home or dwelling and builds small burrows into which it lures young girls with eating disorders and forces them to fold t-shirts and perform other menial sex acts.
1. "Ooooh, look over there, there's a prosser on the roof. Look at its curly hair and furry feet."
2. "Lets go to the zoo and watch the prosser feeding"
3. Scene from horror film
Girl 1: I have a bad feeling about this house, somethings giving me the creeps.
Girl 2: I reckon the basement is the safest place, don't you
Girl 1: Maybe, but i think i saw a prosser burrow earlier, we could be walking into a trap.

by monkeyferret April 13, 2007
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Prosser, or Master.P is the head of a well organised group of friends who have formed and run a civilian police organisation similar to the A-Team. Other members include Hemmch, Woodrow and Cheema.
This situation is getting out of control, someone get on the blower and call prosser and the P-Team
by Master.P March 30, 2005
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The man the myth the legend. The greatest teacher to ever walk the halls of MUHS. Often did drugs before class. Had random midgets locked up in his cabinet.
Have you had Gary Prosser's class today?

No but I saw him doing a line earlier.
by YOungthug414 March 9, 2016
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Kelsie prosser is a girl in england who sharts herself every morning, and pisses the bed. she likes to sniff it too.
Chloe: Kelsie prosser stop shitting yourself
Kelsie: no it makes my ass warm
by BlackManCockcom March 1, 2022
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A guy with a fat shlong riped bod and epic jaw line
Yo girl look at Jake doesn't he look like a Devon prosser with his riped bod
Friend : oohh damn
by Niggachow420 January 29, 2017
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The hottest, sexiest man alive who has broke the world record of largest genitalia in the world, with 16 inches soft. He is a hella cute dude and you should lemme smash.
My nigga will prosser!
by MemeDaddye June 26, 2017
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