Shortened version of "probably". Typically used in online conversations, although REALLY lazy people have started using it in verbal conversations as well...
I'm feeling lazy so I prolly won't bother doing homework.
by Sarah February 04, 2004
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A shortened form of probably, used mainly in texting and emails.

1: Are you coming over tonight?
2: Yea, I'll prolly show up for a while.
by Lyssa DL May 12, 2008
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Obviously a shortened word for 'probably' now used in internet conversations. Before the advent of this usage, it was commonly used in southern U.S. states in particular Texas as common vernacular and does NOT indicate laziness but dialectal and regional verbage.

Using 'prolly' is not a sign of idiocy or laziness but apropos savoir faire, subcultural quirks, accents and mannerisms just like many other phrases that come out of regional places.

Just think Pigeon English in Hawaii, Brooklyn slang or English/British expressions....we all got 'em!
Y'all prolly think I'm dumb for using this but it ain't so. I just wanna get to the point faster without havin' ta use so many goddamn letters! ;D
by Damiana00 December 21, 2010
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Short for probably. Used by only OG mofo's, Cholo's and gangbangers
Dequan: Yo, we gunna do that driveby we talked about earlier
Filisha: Prolly
by SwaggieMcsweg January 24, 2015
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A sarcastic, colloquially used word, typically used in response to a dumb question.
Person 1: "Hey dude, you wanna do meth tonight?"
Person 2: "Yeah man, I prolly wanna do that. Destroying my body is fun!" (Note the sarcasm)
by camper12 December 29, 2014
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'Probably' as said by people who live in the delusion of having an infinite amount of swag.
Chinoy : "Hi, I'm Chinoy. Prolly I'm busy right now. Why don't you leave me a message?"
by antweb December 26, 2016
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A shortened version of "probably." Known to be used by Tyler Joesph, the all amazing smol bean of Twenty One Pilots.
Person 1 - Yo, will you go see that new horror movie that's out?
Person 2 - Yeah, I prolly will!

Person 1 - Okay, see ya there!!
by penceyprep June 17, 2016
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