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A friend who is also a lover.

A lover and a friend but not a steady relationship.

A shortened way of saying a friend who is a lover.

"He's not my boyfriend, just my FLOVER"

"I need a flover!" ;)
by Damiana00 November 30, 2011

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1. Referencing when something said or written is creatively wordy or illustrious in speech; strongly stated, decorative or particularly interesting in the way it's worded.

2. When something is wordy and descriptive.

i.e When a person is creatively articulate, enjoys words and it often chatty but simultaneously articulate.
"Her screenplay was right on the nose and very verbatious."

"I love words and am verbatious at times"
by Damiana00 November 30, 2011

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A more apropos word to describe when a woman does something gutsy or bold instead of saying 'ballsy'. When a woman acts brassy or strong!

A way of paying homage to a woman's eggs when she is bold instead of referencing a man's balls! ;)
"Damn she's got eggs!"

"That woman who just wrangled that crocodile has eggs!" ;)

"Going up against your boss for being a jerk took eggs!"
by Damiana00 November 30, 2011

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When a woman is gutsy or bold, strong, independent and fearless. Instead of saying 'ballsy' one can use 'ovarius' or 'ovatius'...as it refers to her 'eggs' or the female equivalent of 'balls'.
"You're quite ovarius. It's very sexy~!"

"She is an ovarius woman, totally fearless!"
by Damiana00 December 01, 2011

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1. When you feel a little skeptical about something but your feelings are laced with a little cynicism as well.

2. A combination of cynical and skeptical; when you are feeling a little bit of both emotions regarding something but neither one completely describes your state of mind.

Can also be spelled: Skinical if needed. ©DM2005
'I'm quite skynical about today's pop culture. I don't trust it and think it's lacking in substance'.

'Don't be skynical!'
by Damiana00 December 10, 2011

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-When a woman does something gutsy, bold or bodacious (instead of using 'ballsy').
-Or a group of women like a rock band kick serious ass performing or rip a killer guitar solo...it's ovatius!

Can be used to describe a bold woman or group of women the way 'ballsy' is used to describe a bold or gutsy man but refers to her 'eggs' instead of a man's 'balls'.

*Can also be spelled Ovatius
"Man did you see that woman being chased by a bull jump the fence and land on her feet?? That was ovatius!!"

'HEART was totally ovatious in concert, they rocked!"
by Damiana00 December 01, 2011

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Instead of LGBTQIA or whatever insane number of lettered acronyms are created to describe the plethora of non-traditional, non-heterosexual relationships of some people, how about call people who don't fit into typical heterosexual standards, COUNTER-SEXUAL. Just like with counter-culture, which is COUNTER to the mainstream, COUNTER to traditional most popular culture, COUNTER-SEXUAL becomes a similar word to describe anyone from that population when referring in GENERAL. When speaking in specifics then someone can still say, gay, lesbian, transgender, intersex etc....otherwise in general reference, it could be COUNTER-SEXUAL which is much more simple and to the point, more literal and less complicated, less controversial or uncomfortable, more neutral while still honoring the differences while trying to include all the different types of sexualities-which could end up using the entire alphabet!
Studies show that there are more counter-sexual characters in mainstream television shows since 2014.

The counter-sexual movement includes all types of sexualities that are not heterosexual.
by Damiana00 July 09, 2019

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