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1. Referencing when something said or written is creatively wordy or illustrious in speech; strongly stated, decorative or particularly interesting in the way it's worded.

2. When something is wordy and descriptive.

i.e When a person is creatively articulate, enjoys words and it often chatty but simultaneously articulate.
"Her screenplay was right on the nose and very verbatious."

"I love words and am verbatious at times"
by Damiana00 December 1, 2011
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A friend who is also a lover.

A lover and a friend but not a steady relationship.

A shortened way of saying a friend who is a lover.

"He's not my boyfriend, just my FLOVER"

"I need a flover!" ;)
by Damiana00 December 1, 2011
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The Macho Paradigm© is the overall system of conditioning of masculine or male dominated culture, esp. here in the U.S. This is the system by which parents and society raise children, primarily boys by emphasizing macho stereotypes, expectations, behaviors, standards of emotional repression through the shaming of boys in particular that if they don't live up to these standards they are considered weak and inadequate. This is often done by a comparison to and , the condescension of femininity/female stereotypical behavior such as emotional, gentle, sensitive as the epitome of weakness. Anyone can be negatively affected by The Macho Paradigm© but most of all males are harmed by it's constant pressure it puts on them to live up to a stereotype of what a man is even if it causes pain on him or those around him. Things like chauvinism and misogyny as well as peer pressure could theoretically be traced back to The Macho Paradigm© as a root source of that programming that causes people to not only repress themselves to appear tough and cool but then to shame others into the same macho conformity. ©2014/DM
Examples of Peer Pressure Quips in the Macho Paradigm©:
'Man-Up' . 'Don't be a pussy' . 'He hits/throws like a girl'

Noun-The Macho Paradigm is the system we live in at the root of everything.

'The Macho Paradigm is one of the main causes in culture that drives men to put each other down when they are not tough or macho enough and sometimes even bully them'.

'Many boys feel like they can never measure up living in a culture influenced by The Macho Paradigm©'.
by Damiana00 January 30, 2019
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Obviously a shortened word for 'probably' now used in internet conversations. Before the advent of this usage, it was commonly used in southern U.S. states in particular Texas as common vernacular and does NOT indicate laziness but dialectal and regional verbage.

Using 'prolly' is not a sign of idiocy or laziness but apropos savoir faire, subcultural quirks, accents and mannerisms just like many other phrases that come out of regional places.

Just think Pigeon English in Hawaii, Brooklyn slang or English/British expressions....we all got 'em!
Y'all prolly think I'm dumb for using this but it ain't so. I just wanna get to the point faster without havin' ta use so many goddamn letters! ;D
by Damiana00 December 22, 2010
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-When a woman does something gutsy, bold or bodacious (instead of using 'ballsy').
-Or a group of women like a rock band kick serious ass performing or rip a killer guitar solo...it's ovatius!

Can be used to describe a bold woman or group of women the way 'ballsy' is used to describe a bold or gutsy man but refers to her 'eggs' instead of a man's 'balls'.

*Can also be spelled Ovatius
"Man did you see that woman being chased by a bull jump the fence and land on her feet?? That was ovatius!!"

'HEART was totally ovatious in concert, they rocked!"
by Damiana00 December 1, 2011
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Original Geek refers to people who are geeks who have been in tech & computers for decades; much longer than it has been trendy.
My brother is an OG*, an Original Geek, because he's been working with computers since the late 70's!
by Damiana00 March 17, 2021
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A Human Crush is when you have a crush on someone or adore them but in a platonic, non-sexual way.

(I created this term in late 90's but can't remember when? 1997?)
I just love Robin Wright, I have such a human crush on her!!

He's amazing, that old guy from the corner market, I have a human crush on him.

(not a sexy term but sweeter way of saying boy or girl crush which is odd)
by Damiana00 January 22, 2021
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