You would say or write Prolly if you are talking or typing fast. Mostly used in an email or IM to someone that you really don't care if you spell correctly or not.
by Brenda Kay May 20, 2007
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Short for probably. Used by only OG mofo's, Cholo's and gangbangers
Dequan: Yo, we gunna do that driveby we talked about earlier
Filisha: Prolly
by SwaggieMcsweg January 25, 2015
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The way fags and fucks say or type the word probably.
If you use prolly in a conversation you probably suck dick.
by Avgpeen12 May 30, 2011
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It is prolly the case that this word was trademarked by Mariah Wheat against her beautiful wife Amy Green who tried to steal such a magnificent word in attempt to lay claim to inventing it. Boo-yah.
by Seadog92 November 28, 2014
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A sarcastic, colloquially used word, typically used in response to a dumb question.
Person 1: "Hey dude, you wanna do meth tonight?"
Person 2: "Yeah man, I prolly wanna do that. Destroying my body is fun!" (Note the sarcasm)
by camper12 December 29, 2015
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Short way of saying probably. Lazy people or people that just can't spell "probably" will use this shortened version.
He is prolly the last person you should be asking for advice.
by guavaava June 23, 2018
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A shortened version of "probably." Known to be used by Tyler Joesph, the all amazing smol bean of Twenty One Pilots.
Person 1 - Yo, will you go see that new horror movie that's out?
Person 2 - Yeah, I prolly will!

Person 1 - Okay, see ya there!!
by penceyprep June 18, 2016
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