4 definitions by J.J.Clark

The act of being put in one's place as an omega. The one recieving the action is forced to recognize they are not the alpha male.
Did you see that guy get dunked on? Wow! Home boy got alpha'd.

My dog tried to jump up on me but I shoved him down and alpha'd him.

That little guy tried to pick a fight with that big guy but got alpha'd pretty hard.
by J.J.Clark January 22, 2022
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A shortened way of saying probably.
Friend 1: Hey Isaiah, you want to shoot some hoops?

Friend 2: Prolly
by J.J.Clark October 5, 2021
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Commiting an act that is both gross and suspicious.
Friend 1: Bro, did you just eat your bugger?

Friend 2: Uhh.. what? Um, no man

Friend 1: Bro... dis-sus-ting
by J.J.Clark October 4, 2021
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A reaction to an act commited that can be perceieved as exceedingly cringy.
Friend 1: Dude, I think the whole movie theatre can smell my fart!

Someone in the crowd: Ugh, I can smell that dude's fart.

Friend 2: Bro, Big Cringy Yikes!
by J.J.Clark October 4, 2021
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