A D version of the word 'probably' used when you're too lazy or in too much of a hurry to say the whole word.
Me: You going out tonight?

You: Prolly.
by TurdNugget June 17, 2015
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Prolly is another word for probably. You will most likely see teenagers use this a lot more than adults because it’s not known to be “proper grammar”.
*girl gets handed back a failed test*

“Oh no! I prolly have a really bad grade!”
by l.f.e April 20, 2020
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An adverb, verb, and adjective that polarizes the meaning of a sentence to that of a sarcastic tone.
"I'm prolly going to work out"
means, "I'm not going to work out."
by Whit Smith February 2, 2005
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another word, for the word probably originally used by monica vasquez, some genius that everyone loves =
hey u goin to that party? prolly
by certified badass dom July 26, 2009
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A spoken colloquialism that existed pre-internet, despite what many people claim.

"Prolly" is a clipped pronunciation of "probably"; compare with "g'day" as a clipped pronunciation of "good day", or "gonna" as a common spoken shortening of "going to".

Certainly non-standard, but not necessarily indicative of the writer's laziness. For some, writing in this manner mimics their natural speech pattern/dialect.
She said she'd prolly come over after she's finished relaxin' at the beach.

(spoken example) "I'm prolly gonna head down to Toranna {Toronto} for the May 2-4."
by nimsicle January 30, 2010
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derived from the saying "probably not", it can also mean I don't think so or more than likely not
by Dane Ott November 11, 2005
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