The belief that people should have access to abortion services. To be pro-abortion is to believe that people have the ability to decide what is best for them and their pregnancies including ending them if need be. Pro-abortion does NOT mean that abortion is the answer for every pregnancy.
Ashley: Personally, I think everyone should have access to abortion services.
Judy: I don't. I'm pro-life.
Ashley: No you're not. You're anti-abortion and I'm pro-abortion.
by WeAreProAbortion May 31, 2018
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In favor of abortion access free from restrictions (such as limits on how late in a pregnancy an abortion may be obtained). All people who are pro-abortion are also pro-choice, as abortion is one of those available choices; but not all pro-choice people are pro-abortion, because some who are pro-choice are in favor of limits on abortion freedoms (such as requiring patient "counseling" and a waiting period before the abortion can be obtained).
I am strongly pro-abortion because it is unethical to require a person remain pregnant against their will; no one has the right to force another person to become a parent involuntarily-- that is literal slavery.
by MahaKaruna June 1, 2019
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One step beyond pro-choice. Polar opposite of pro-life. Origin: I hate sharing my shit with my younger siblings. I wish those bastards would have been aborted.
mom-"Share your shit with your brother, boy"
me-"God I wish you would have fallen down the stairs."
by AdamH April 2, 2005
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The popular belief that abortion is a very affective & usefull means of curbing overpopulation. Abortion is prevention.
Pro-abortionists unlike pro-choicers believe that abortion should be mandatory if you have had more than your fair shair of kids.
Redneck " you is be murdering peoples"
Me "actually ,murder reffers to the killing of a Human being".
by truyiriyti December 24, 2004
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The act of aborting your own babies.
Sorry I didn't answer your call, I was in the middle of a Pro Abortion.
by Dawhvis April 8, 2010
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people who dont have an structured argument, they dont use common sense and also don't know anything about biology
people who are pro abortion are useless
by TuMadreLaGorda March 30, 2022
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