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The belief that people should have access to abortion services. To be pro-abortion is to believe that people have the ability to decide what is best for them and their pregnancies including ending them if need be. Pro-abortion does NOT mean that abortion is the answer for every pregnancy.
Ashley: Personally, I think everyone should have access to abortion services.
Judy: I don't. I'm pro-life.
Ashley: No you're not. You're anti-abortion and I'm pro-abortion.
by WeAreProAbortion June 11, 2018
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One step beyond pro-choice. Polar opposite of pro-life. Origin: I hate sharing my shit with my younger siblings. I wish those bastards would have been aborted.
mom-"Share your shit with your brother, boy"
me-"God I wish you would have fallen down the stairs."
by AdamH April 01, 2005
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The popular belief that abortion is a very affective & usefull means of curbing overpopulation. Abortion is prevention.
Pro-abortionists unlike pro-choicers believe that abortion should be mandatory if you have had more than your fair shair of kids.
Redneck " you is be murdering peoples"
Me "actually ,murder reffers to the killing of a Human being".
by truyiriyti December 23, 2004
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