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Abbreviation for Community Mental Health Center, which provides outpatient behavioral wellness services to low-income and uninsured families, including group and individual counseling, social activities and access to other support resources.
Kyle is so toxic- he could really use some Anger Management classes at the CMHC on Capitol Hill.
by MahaKaruna July 24, 2019
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In favor of abortion access free from restrictions (such as limits on how late in a pregnancy an abortion may be obtained). All people who are pro-abortion are also pro-choice, as abortion is one of those available choices; but not all pro-choice people are pro-abortion, because some who are pro-choice are in favor of limits on abortion freedoms (such as requiring patient "counseling" and a waiting period before the abortion can be obtained).
I am strongly pro-abortion because it is unethical to require a person remain pregnant against their will; no one has the right to force another person to become a parent involuntarily-- that is literal slavery.
by MahaKaruna June 1, 2019
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Systemic justification for the bad (and even toxic or abusive) behavior of men, often made by incels or pick-me's defending misogyny, patriarchy, etc. Examples include glossing over a sexist remark with "he was just joking," interpreting an inappropriate crude comment as "giving a compliment" rather than sexual harassment; and interrupting constructive discourse on problematic male behavior with pleas of #NotAllMen.
Mikaela really came on strong with the manpologetics over that guy who served a woman he invited over for a dinner date unseasoned ground turkey and broccoli, which is not even a full meal (let alone bland and unappetizing).
by MahaKaruna November 9, 2020
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