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v. The act of knocking someone out and then placing thier open mouth on a curb so that when the back of the skull is repeatedly stopmed on all of their teeth get broken.
I beat the shit out of him and then curbed his ass.
by Jay Tang January 03, 2005
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The act in which a person (1) tries to pick up person (2), usually with intentions of getting to know them.
Person (2) will respond to them by telling person (1) that they are in a relationship, making it very clear to person (1) that they are not interested.
"Dude did you see how Jessica was curbing that guy?"
by iAMbaJan November 25, 2015
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the act of making a person bite the curb, then stepping on the back of their head killing them
After, I got head from this slutty chick she told everyone what she did. So i sought revenge on her by curbing her.
by swil April 01, 2003
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The act of someone driving but wasn't paying attention to the path and curbed their alloy wheel on a curb.
"Hey Monika I see that you have curbed your alloy wheel again. You have to stop curbing those wheels"
by 0800 How's My Driving July 02, 2017
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To create fake and false identities and demographic info, especially when working as a census taker or in voter registration.
"Terry had been curbing names in sector 7G before he got found out and fired."
by bkstrv September 29, 2012
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Sitting on a curb and watching people. Idling or loitering on a curb with no set purpose or course of action except for watching people on the street. Usually done in parking lots or places where one can oversee large areas and see crowds of people therefore observe more redundant activities.

Curbing is a group activity, done in pairs or groups up to 4 people.
It was so nice outside so me and my friend we decided to go curbing. It was wonderful. We curbed all day..

Me and my friends, we always go curbing when we have spare time.
by Asterisk* Momma April 11, 2010
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