8 definitions by truyiriyti

That is a real Hillsborough.
by truyiriyti November 30, 2004
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Americans of French Ancestry Built this country. Be proud of your Ancestors.
Paul Revere was a Franco-American.
by truyiriyti November 20, 2004
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San mateo is a city In california near San Fransisco with Pretty unfriendly people but a very interesting history.
Discovered in the 1770's by some spanish dude. There is also a San mateo in Florida.
I was really friendly to people but IO just got San mateo.
by truyiriyti November 30, 2004
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Pomona, california is a city. Thats where they filmed the cat in the hat.
Visite the nice Art District of ponoma
by truyiriyti December 1, 2004
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The biggest problem in Africa By far. Causes slums.
Family planning should be more common in Africa because of the population growth.
by truyiriyti November 30, 2004
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The popular belief that abortion is a very affective & usefull means of curbing overpopulation. Abortion is prevention.
Pro-abortionists unlike pro-choicers believe that abortion should be mandatory if you have had more than your fair shair of kids.
Redneck " you is be murdering peoples"
Me "actually ,murder reffers to the killing of a Human being".
by truyiriyti December 24, 2004
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Equivelent to long live France!
Vive la france is what I yell when I aam scoring with a girl.
by truyiriyti December 2, 2004
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